Another storm is set to hit the UK in the coming days as Storm Ciaran is expected to bring heavy rain and wind to parts of the UK.

The Met Office has already issued several yellow weather warnings for parts of southern England, Wales and areas of Yorkshire ahead of the storm.

Warnings for Storm Ciaran start from late evening of Wednesday, November 1 and are expected to last until late on Thursday, November 2.

Some areas will have the warning of heavy rain and wind last until Friday evening.

It's expected that Storm Ciaran will bring around 80mph winds and 60mm of rain throughout the week.

Ahead of the storm's arrival, you can track its movement and find out exactly when it will hit your region.

How to track Storm Ciaran

The Met Office's tracker allows you to see the movement of Storm Ciaran throughout the next few days.

As late evening Wednesday shows the storm moves across the southwest of England before moving to the east and up towards Wales.

The Met Office storm tracker also allows you to see the impact of the storm, with the rainfall, wind gusts, cloud cover, and temperature all available to see.

You can access the storm tracker via the website here.

What advice has the Met Office given ahead of Storm Ciaran?

Ahead of Storm Ciaran, the Met Office has shared that you can expect: "Spells of heavy, showery rain accompanied by gusty or squally winds are expected on Wednesday morning, this rain clearing from the west during the course of the morning. 10-15 mm of rain may fall in quite short periods of time and gusts may reach 60-70 mph in some exposed coastal locations."

The Met Office has shared that regions can expect interruption to power supplies and damage to trees.

Plus, there will be some spray and flooding on roads adding journey time and some travel disruption is likely.

Some properties could be impacted by flooding and should prepare for large rainfall