A KIND-hearted cop made a Barrhead youngster's "dreams" come true after inviting him to walk the beat at the town's Halloween parade at the weekend.

It comes after four year old George, who was dressed up as an officer, caught the eye of local police officer, Constable Rudie McMahon, while watching the parade march through the town with his mum, Kimberley Wilson Nicol on Saturday.

Kimberley said: "We walked down to see the parade and the police were busy so a lot of them were just ignoring George, but he's always been obsessed with the police - he loves police cars and everything about them, and he always says he's a policeman.

Barrhead News:

"So, when it came to getting a Halloween costume, he saw the police uniform and that was it, his heart was set on it.

"However, as I said the police had kind of ignored him which was fair enough because they were busy, but then the officer at the front of the parade spotted that he was a policeman and kind of pointed at him and waved."

Barrhead News:

The 34-year-old continued to say: "George was then over the moon, he was absolutely buzzing.

"He was excited and making all these wee happy noises.

"The cop then turned around and looked at him and just held his hand out and asked: 'Would he want to walk with me up at the front?' - and without any hesitation, George just ran."

The young lad, who is a "typical" happy boy who loves police, fire engines, and anything loud, hopes to fight crime when he's older by becoming a cop himself.

Barrhead News:

Following the night, the caring gesture from the local officer left his mum "emotional", while George himself is still talking about the evening.

The local woman said: "I was so emotional which was probably really silly but to see him that happy, I was just ecstatic for him.

"He's still talking about it and talking about how he wants to do the police parade again."

Now, George's mum hopes the officer will get recognition for his kindness after making her son's "dreams come true".

Kimberley said: "He was the nicest guy and was the only one that paid attention to George. 

"Again, I completely understand why because they were so busy, but a four-year-old doesn't understand why the police were just kind of ignoring him.

"He was just amazing with him - even with the silly things like getting George to use his wee radio.

"It was honestly adorable, absolutely adorable.

Barrhead News:

"What I want to achieve is I want that officer to realise that small gesture that he done genuinely made a wee boys full weekend.

"I want him to realise the impact that the kindness had on him, and I just want him to get the recognition that he deserves and for him to realise that wee gesture he did for George made his dreams come true."

Constable Rudie McMahon said: “I was part of the detail policing the Barrhead Halloween Parade when I saw the wee boy who was dressed as a police officer.  I waved to him and when he waved back, I went over to see if he wanted to help me lead the parade.

“He jumped at the chance!  We then walked hand in hand along the route and he used his wee radio to ask the officers to close the road.  He did a great job!

“I am so glad George enjoyed himself.  It was great to have him help out and an absolute pleasure for me to lead the parade alongside him.”