Residents are being left “miserable and on edge” as "feral and fearless" youths run amok in an East Renfrewshire village.

The anti-social behaviour currently causing concern in Neilston includes repeated incidents of eggs and stones being thrown at properties.

There are also worries over young people entering an empty property in Lintmill Terrace, with calls for this to be boarded up.

Over the past fortnight, Irene Turnbull, who lives in the street, has had stones thrown two nights in a row at about 8.30pm/9pm.

“[I contacted the police] on Thursday 5 and Friday 6, October,” she told the Barrhead News.

“The police attended on the Thursday evening.

“The following Thursday, the 12th, we had an egg thrown and we've just returned from a few days away and another three eggs have been thrown.

“After speaking to neighbours apparently they have been entering an empty property further down the street.

“I’m not sure how many [youths are involved]. The second evening we saw two or three lads hiding behind a neighbour's fence and popping up and down before disappearing.”

Irene said none of her neighbours had been victims of stone and egg-throwing as far as she knew but those living in the street were trying to get the empty house boarded up.

The 65-year-old who stays at the address with her husband, two Ukrainians they are hosting and sometimes her grandchildren, says she feels fortunate she does not live alone with this going on.

“I’m just annoyed and worried that they will break a window,” she added. “It also gives you a fright.

“We had one incident many years ago of stones being thrown but that felt like an isolated incident.”

Irene’s comments follow concerns about similar behaviour raised by another resident online who lives in Crofthead.

In a post on Facebook this week they said: “There’s a group of kids been coming down about 7.30pm/8pm and throwing stones at our windows.

“Pretty hard, quite loud - nothing broken yet but feel like it’s only a matter of time.

“It’s happened like six times in the past six weeks.

“I’m sure it’s all 'just a bit of fun' for them but for us, it’s really distressing."

The poster’s wife added: “It's miserable just being on edge all evening.”

Another resident, meanwhile, said: “I sound like an old fogey but some young people are feral and fearless of police or any consequences.

"[I'm] thinking about a camera for front and back of where I am.”

Local community police sergeant, Fiona McGuffie, said officers were aware of a number of anti-social behaviour issues in Neilston and of the disruptive impact it has on people in the area.

“We are working closely with partner agencies to address concerns about youth disorder and anti-social behaviour and we will proactively deal with those involved," she added.

“Officers will continue to provide high-visibility patrols in the affected areas and we would encourage people to contact police at the time incidents are happening so that we can effectively respond.”