"The greatest reality show on earth" is back - Big Brother returned to UK screens last night for the first time in five years with 16 new contestants entering the house.

The first night of the reboot was full of drama with one housemate already facing eviction after just a few hours in the new Big Brother house. 

The popular reality series returned to ITV on Sunday (October 8), after it was axed by Channel 5 amid a ratings slump in 2018, with new hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best introducing a batch of 16 contestants to the brand-new house in front of a studio audience.

The housemates will live together in a custom-built home for weeks without access to the outside world in a bid to win £100,000.

Big Brother UK 2023 housemates

The housemates were revealed to the public for the first time on Big Brother: The Launch last night.

Here are all the housemates taking part in the 2023 series of Big Brother on ITV:

Jenkin - Bridgend, Wales

Occupation: Barman

Age: 25

Farida - Wolverhampton

Occupation: Make-Up Artist

Age: 50

Tom - Somerset

Occupation: Butcher

Age: 21

Hallie - South London

Occupation: Youth Worker

Age: 18

Trish - Luton

Occupation: Mum

Age: 33

Yinrun - Harrogate 

Occupation: Customer Support Agent

Age: 25

Jordan - Scunthorpe 

Occupation: Lawyer

Age: 25

Zak - Manchester

Occupation: Model

Age: 28

Chanelle - Llanelli, Wales

Occupation: Dental Therapist

Age: 29

Dylan - Coventry 

Occupation: DJ

Age: 39

Noky - Derby

Occupation: Banker

Age: 26

Matty - Isle of Man

Occupation: Doctor

Age: 24

Paul - Liverpool

Occupation: Security Officer

Age: 23

Henry - Cotswolds

Occupation: Food Writer

Age: 25

Olivia - Glasgow

Occupation: Dancer

Age: 23

Kerry - Essex

Occupation: NHS Manager

Age: 40

Big Brother housemate already up for eviction after first night of drama

Big Brother returned with a bang last night with the 16 new contestants thrown straight in the deep end with a "housewarming party" which saw them take part in various different games.

One of the two Welsh contestants on the reality TV show, Jenkin, did not receive his suitcase after being voted the housemate with “the most questionable dress sense” by fellow contestant Kerry. 

Having lost the right to receive his suitcase, a video was then shown of it being blown up. 

He was later given a tub of “essential” clothes in the diary room.

Jenkin will also be without hot water for his first 24 hours in the house after losing a game of hide and seek.

The housewarming games also left Dylan, a DJ from Coventry, without a bed for the first night after fellow housemate Paul voted him as the person he would least like to share a bed with.

But the biggest surprise was saved until the game of pass the parcel. 

During the game, Jenkin chose 23-year-old dancer Olivia, from Glasgow, as the contestant he thinks will be hardest to live with, telling her “I don’t think we’ve gelled”.

As her punishment, Big Brother announced that Olivia would be facing the first public eviction on Friday.

Following the game, Olivia started crying while speaking to Farida in the garden saying: “I was second last in and I felt like it was a bit unfair.”

Later in the diary room, Big Brother told Olivia that she could “change her fate and win immunity” during a game the housemates will play in 24 hours time where they rank themselves from most to least entertaining.

Talking about the game, she said Jenkin is “obviously intimidated by me”.

Later in the show, Jenkin revealed he felt “guilty about the Olivia thing”, calling himself “public enemy number one”.

Big Brother will air nightly (except for Saturdays) on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm, followed at 10pm by Big Brother: Late & Live also on ITV2.