The team at Barrhead Recycling Centre are starting a new collection of unwanted teddies after dumping the current crop on display.

The cuddly toys have brought joy to many visitors to the hub after caring staff began gathering them in and placing them on the fence there.

Over time, however, the elements have taken their toll on the foam-filled friends, leaving them weathered and mouldy.

As a result, they have now been removed, however, this week one large bear still remained at their post.

A spokesperson for East Renfrewshire Council said: “Having been in place for several years, sadly the current crop of teddies had become mouldy and unsightly, so were removed.

“Some of the cuddly toys have survived and the team working at the recycling centre will now be starting a new collection for displaying and giving dumped teddies an extra lease of life.”

Some of the toys, which included bears and other animals and recognisable characters, had been living at the Carlibar Road site for many years, while others arrived during lockdown when people used their time to have a good clear-out.

During the pandemic one of the centre’s members of staff, Scott Hutchison, told the Barrhead News that putting the toys on display at a fence had generated plenty of smiles during what had been dark times for many residents.

He told the Barrhead News: “Over the years, members of the public have put teddies up there when they are no longer wanted.

"One teddy has led to another and we’ve now got a wee collection.

“A lot of the parents and children come over to have a look and even take a picture with them. It puts a smile on everybody’s face.

“We call it the pet cemetery.”