A BARRHEAD carer has been struck off after making racist remarks to a nursing home resident and mistreating others.

Audrey Haswell, 52, was branded “abusive and cruel” following an investigation by a care watchdog.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) heavily criticised her behaviour at Parkhouse Manor Care Home over a six-month period last year.

Haswell was reported to the SSSC after the alarm was raised by concerned colleagues.

They said she had “acted in a deliberate manner to put residents and colleagues at significant risk of physical and emotional harm.”

The SSSC also branded Haswell a racist after hearing evidence about some of the comments she made.

She told one resident: “I don’t speak Punjabi or Hindu.”

Haswell then began mocking the resident’s accent.

Barrhead News:

In a report sent to Haswell following its investigation, the SSSC told her: “Your behaviour was racist as well as insulting to a resident of a different cultural background, which is unacceptable in any circumstances.”

In another incident, Haswell deliberately sprayed water from a shower into a resident’s face and laughed at the same time.

The SSSC report added: “This behaviour falls far below the acceptable standard of care expected of a social service worker.”

Haswell also insulted a fellow worker by making a derogatory comment about her weight.

After spotting the member of staff putting food away, she said to another colleague: “It’s a salad she needs. You seen the size of her.”

In two other incidents at the Parkhouse Road care home, Haswell threatened to batter a patient and insulted a nurse colleague in front of residents and family members.

The SSSC said Haswell, who worked at the care home between April and October, had shown no insight or remorse and failed to engage with the investigation.

It concluded that there was a risk of similar abusive behaviour being repeated if she continued in the care profession.

The report added: “Social service workers must respect the views of people who use services and work in a way which promotes diversity and respect for different cultures and values.

“There is a pattern of behaviour of making racist or threatening and derogatory comments.

“You have acted in an emotionally abusive manner towards residents and colleagues.

“You have deliberately sought to cause emotional and physical harm to a vulnerable service user by spraying water on their face.

“Your behaviour, as stated, is fundamentally incompatible with the values of the profession.”

Haswell’s ban from working as a carer came into force on September 14.

Parkhouse Manor declined to comment when contacted by the Barrhead News.