Popular BBC presenter and podcast host Louis Theroux has urged fans to "remain calm" after issuing a new alopecia update.

The broadcaster took to Instagram to share a selfie with a caption sharing that he had developed a few more bald patches on the top of his head.

He said: "Alopecia update (try to remain calm!): new bald patches are appearing in my “top hair” (the hair on top of my head) BUT I can now grow a weird straggly and rather sparse white beard.

"So that’s something. And there are some tiny patches of regrowth on my eyebrow. FWIW I’ve been taking vitamin D, iron, and something called biotin. Is it helping? Who knows?"

Louis Theroux previously updated fans on his condition when he shared that the alopecia had migrated to his eyebrows.

Fans rush to support Louis Theroux as he shares new alopecia update

One fan of the Weird Weekends presenter said: "With or without hair… you’re wonderful x" while another added: "Thanks for sharing your updates Louis. We are sure you are helping others with your posts."

One user on the Meta-owned platform simply said: "You look great Louis"

What is alopecia as Louis Theroux issues update on condition?

According to Healthline, alopecia areata is a condition that causes hair to fall out in patches.

This condition forms when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair loss.

The condition can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, sex or age with it able to start during childhood.

The condition will also vary from person to person.