Worried residents in Neilston claim speeding motorists have turned a quiet country road into a death trap.

There are fears a fatal accident could take place in Kirkton Road as 30mph speed restriction signs are concealed by overgrown trees.

A number of cats belonging to residents have been killed by reckless drivers travelling at up to 50mph.

One resident had a pet cat killed and the other seriously injured in the same incident earlier this summer.

There are now calls for the road to be given a 20mph limit, with East Renfrewshire Council also being urged to trim trees and bushes so that speed signs can be seen clearly.

Those living in the area say drivers using sat-nav systems are increasingly being directed along the route to get to and from the A726.

Motorists also use the road as a shortcut to avoid Barrhead when heading for Newton Mearns.

To add to the safety issues, a growing number of supermarket home delivery drivers are using Kirkton Road, adding to the volume of traffic.

Retired teacher Tom Platt, 80, and his 79-year-old wife Anne are leading the campaign for a crackdown on speeding drivers.

“It is getting really bad,” Anne told the Barrhead News. “Cats are being killed and injured by motor vehicles speeding along Kirkton Road.

“Our own cat Dulce was knocked down and killed eight years ago but things have got worse since then.

“Collisions between motor vehicles have taken place and pedestrians have been endangered on bends.”

Walkers, ramblers and cyclists are also affected by the speeding traffic, as well as farmers moving their cattle.

Retired physiotherapist Anne added: “This has been a continuing problem since at least 1978 but things are a lot worse now.

“A lot of the driveways are concealed, which means you are in danger from speeding drivers who are not expecting another car to come out.

“Children who cross the road are also being put at risk.

“Kirkton Road is a traditional single track road with no passing places which is now being used as a busy main road.

“It was not designed for that type of traffic.

“Something has to be done before things get worse.”

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council said the local authority is aware of issues in the Kirkton Road area.

He told the Barrhead News: “We take road safety extremely seriously.

“The safety of our residents is our number one priority and we’ll continue to monitor traffic volume and speed on Kirkton Road.

“This road becomes a narrow, rural route immediately beyond the village and drivers should comply with the Highway Code when using it.”