A LOCAL coffee business has celebrated its expansion with two Scottish celebrities.

Coffee Roasters Scotland, owned by Raymond Kerr from Neilston and Marc Jones from Barrhead, has officially completed its move into Neilston’s historic mill, as part of a plan to grow the business.

Launched in 2022, the coffee firm aims to provide customers with ethically sourced, high-quality coffee beans.

Hosting an event to celebrate the expansion, the Barrhead News were exclusively invited to the company’s new location to check it out.

Barrhead News: Owners Raymond and MarkOwners Raymond and Mark (Image: Newsquest)

Situated inside the mill, the company will now roast their coffee from the location.

Barrhead News: Inside the businesses new locationInside the businesses new location (Image: Newsquest)

Barrhead News: A selection of their productsA selection of their products (Image: Newsquest)

On top of the move, Raymond also revealed they will now officially be selling hot drinks directly to customers in the local area from a van that the pair have been fixing up.

Barrhead News: The coffee vanThe coffee van (Image: Newsquest)

The 32-year-old said: "The van means we can put our coffee into cups and sell it directly to customers rather than a bag of beans.

“It’s a 1974 campervan which has been converted into a coffee shop.

“We are going to be selling our own coffee, local cakes, produce, and high-quality goods from it.”

Co-owner Marc said that the idea of the van was because the pair have always fancied having a coffee shop.

They hope the van will be up and running next month and will be pitched at Tesco in Barrhead.

Barrhead News: A look inside the vanA look inside the van (Image: Newsquest)

We previously reported that before Coffee Roasters Scotland, Raymond set up Rambeans in his kitchen at his parent’s home.

Feeling positive about how the business is progressing, Raymond said: “To be honest, I didn’t vision it moving as quickly as it has.

“It’s been great, it’s been really quick and really busy.

“It’s gone fantastic so far and once the van is on the road it’s going to open the business up even more.”

While Marc, also 32, said: “For me, we took a big risk moving and becoming a more established business. It’s been pretty good so far and obviously a big shoutout to the guys at Murdoch's who have supported us with our expansion, which has been massive for us.

“Murdoch's do a lot for the community and we’re hoping in the future we can do the same.

“We’re really excited and looking forward to what the next couple of months have with the van."

Barrhead News: Tom, Raymond, and DarrenTom, Raymond, and Darren (Image: Newsquest)

Attending the expansion event, former River City star Tom Urie who played “Big Bob” and Scot Squad actor Darren Connell, known in the show as “Bobby Muir” were there to support the company.

Tom said he found out about the business when he was looking for coffee recommendations.

He said: “I went on Facebook and typed up coffee recommendations as I was getting into grinding my own beans and making coffee in my house and two of my friends recommend Rambeans, which was Raymond’s coffee that he made in his hut in his garden.

“I ordered a sample pack, and they sent me five little packs and I just thought it was the best coffee that I’ve ever tasted.

“So, I got in touch with them, I was like a fan, it was like ‘where are you getting this coffee, it’s amazing'.

“I then drove out to meet the guys.”

Tom said the pair have remained in touch ever since and he said “it’s amazing” to see the company’s expansion.

He said: “The main reason it’s a success is that their coffee is good. It’s good coffee.

“I’ve not meant anybody that’s not liked it yet.

“It’s a belter.”

Scot Squad star Darren found out about the business when Raymond and Marc sponsored his podcast, StraightWhiteWhale.

The comedian said: “Raymond and Marc got in touch with me and said they were Scot Squad fans and I run my own podcast and as part of it I get people to sponsor it.

“So, they started to sponsor it and that’s when I started to try their coffee.”

Darren said he then became friends with the pair.

He said: “I wish them all the best, I’m not too sure what they’re doing completely but as a product it’s delicious.”

Barrhead News: Sign outside the MillSign outside the Mill (Image: Newsquest)

You can find out more about Coffee Roasters Scotland HERE.