A SAFETY campaign to help educate youngsters about the dangers of the Barrhead to Glasgow railway corridor has been hailed as being “vital”.

It comes after Network Rail staff have been working closely with Learn Live over the past three months to educate young people along the railway corridor about the dangers of the line and how to stay safe when on or near it ahead of its electrification.

We previously reported that engineers are set to be working around the clock to deliver key upgrades to prepare the line for electrification.

The line will be closed from Saturday, June 24 until Friday, August 4 to allow the work to be carried out.

Currently, Network Rail has reached the halfway stage in delivering the safety campaign.

Since February, Learn Live has been delivering safety workshops to 67 primary and secondary schools and further education colleges along the line of route.

Once the line goes live, the new overhead power cables will carry 25,000 volts of electricity.

Paul Reilly, senior programme manager for Network Rail, said: “Safety education is vital, especially for young people who might not be aware of the dangers.

“Many young people live close to the Glasgow to Barrhead railway line, as well as using it for travel to school and in their own time.

“It’s essential we help young people know how to use the railway safely.

“With a significant change in the railway environment, it is important that we raise awareness of the new dangers associated with an electrified line and encourage people to stay safe.

“The Learn Live sessions allow us to reach hundreds of students across the region, making sure more young people are educated about the dangers.”

Network Rail says safety measures will continue to be rolled out at summer camps across the region, with additional messaging being communicated to schools and colleges at the start of the new academic year.

The line is being electrified as part of a wider Scottish Government investment to decarbonise the country’s railway passenger services.