PLANS to demolish and recreate a popular newsagent store in Barrhead have been submitted to the council.

Owners of Jafars on 32 Arthurlie Avenue submitted an application, which was validated by planning bosses at the end of last month. 

The application details plans to demolish the existing shop and replace it with three units. 

Drawings show one large retail unit as well as two smaller units.

These were originally submitted in December 2022.

Barrhead News:

Outside the building, nine new car parking spaces would be created.

Currently, the unit is a newsagent with an unused grass area at the side of the building.

However, the proposal has received several objections from residents in the area.

One local, who owns two properties in the area, objected to the plans as they believe that they would have a “negative impact” on nearby homes. 

They said: “This application would have a negative impact on both properties as it would obstruct the rear view from both houses on the upper and lower levels.

“The ground beside the shop is immediately behind my house and I have always had a view onto Arthurlie Avenue and the Auchenback Community Park.

“This plan would obliterate both views as well as giving the public closer access to my back garden.”

They continued to say: “Parking would also be problematic, as the parking is dangerous at the best of times to both Aurs Glen and the nearby St Marks School.”

Another resident claimed the proposals would “seriously affect” their day-to-day lives.

They said: “As I live in one of the houses that backs onto the property in question, this would seriously affect our day-to-day lives.

Barrhead News:

“Our back garden and decking area would only be approximately six feet from the rear of any new property built on this land and our view would be greatly affected.”

“Our property has a bedroom at the rear which would overlook any shops built on the empty land, which would affect the quality of sleep for our children.”

On top of those concerns, the resident also believes the plans would lead to an increase in litter in the area and the proposed parking would create further issues in the area, as they claim the parking is already an issue.

The council is yet to approve or reject the plans.