A WARNING has been issued to those planning on visiting Scottish Water reservoirs to be “respectful and stay safe.”

It comes after reports of several incidents at Picketlaw in Eaglesham and also in Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, which saw crowds of youths engage in anti-social behaviour.

The water company claim property at the reservoirs was damaged, fires were lit, and litter was left across the sites.

On top of that, they also say people are putting themselves and others in danger by jumping and diving from water towers.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “This kind of behaviour could easily result in a tragedy.

“There are many hidden dangers in reservoirs as they are working assets which contain features which people should not go near.

“Cold water shock can also result in someone getting into real difficulty, putting themselves and potential rescuers at serious risk.

“When the sun shines it is perfectly understandable that people want to visit our reservoirs to appreciate their natural beauty, particularly in the good weather.

“What is unacceptable is to abuse that access. While it is a small minority who spoil things for other people, we are urging everyone to be careful, act responsibly and respect our reservoirs to allow everyone to enjoy them safely.”

Scottish Water also said that any form of damage to the environment is in breach of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, developed by Scottish Natural Heritage, which offers guidance on the rights and responsibilities of the public and land managers.