DOG owners have been issued a warning after an incident at Whitelee Windfarm last week.

Whitelee Countryside Rangers reported that they had a “sheep-worrying” incident on the windfarm tracks when a farmer was moving a flock of ewes and lambs.

The rangers said that a dog walker was caught “off-guard”, and their dog was not under close control.

Issuing a plea, they urged those walking their pooches in the area to keep them under control.

A post on social media read: “Last week we had a sheep-worrying incident at Whitelee, not in the grazing areas, but on the windfarm tracks as the farmer was moving the flock of ewes and lambs between the far and the grazing areas (which happens very regularly).

“The dog walker was caught off-guard as the flock were just coming over a blind summit on the track, however, the dog was clearly not under close control as required by law – all dogs must be under close control, or on a lead at all times – this means your dog should be kept close alongside you and respond immediately to your command.

“If you allow a dog to worry or attack livestock, this could lead to the farmer shooting the dog, up to a £40,000 fine or a 12-month prison sentence.

“Don’t risk it!”