Parents left fuming over a costly blunder that saw a school being built 'too small' have fired a parting shot at a senior Renfrewshire Council officer as he prepares to take on the top job in a neighbouring local authority.

Steven Quinn, who is currently director of children’s services in Renfrewshire but will become chief executive at East Renfrewshire Council later this summer, is under fire over capacity issues at Dargavel Primary, in Bishopton.

An error by Renfrewshire Council meant the initial roll for the school was predicted to be around 430 but should have been 1,100.

A new primary will now have to be built, costing up to £45million, while extending nearby Park Mains High to accommodate another 400 pupils will add between £27m and £30m to the bill.

That means the upfront cost could be as high as £75m.

To fix the problem, councillors have agreed “prudential borrowing,” to be paid back at £4m a year, with officials admitting that repayments could last for 40 years.

That may mean the overall bill will reach a staggering £160m.

Renfrewshire Council has stressed that none of the senior officers who contributed to the error are still employed by the local authority.

However, Dargavel Primary School Parent Council has criticised Mr Quinn for jumping ship to East Renfrewshire before a solution to the Dargavel capacity problem has been put in place.

In a letter sent to councillors and senior officers in Renfrewshire, parent council chairman Allan Kelly said: "It is noted that Steven Quinn, who asked parents to give him the opportunity to earn their confidence, who assured parents he would ensure the schooling issue was resolved, is leaving for a new job in a new council area.

“What more sign is needed that the council is in disarray?

“Sadly, many residents of Dargavel will be forced to do the same as Steven – move to a new council area – but one with suitable school provision and adequate leadership."

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire Council said: “None of the senior officers who contributed to the significant school roll error remain with the council and the current team are fully committed to working with the parent council and getting it right for the children and families of Dargavel and Bishopton.”

East Renfrewshire Council has said Mr Quinn was selected as its new chief executive after a “rigorous” selection process.

A spokesperson added: "The appointments committee consisted of administration and opposition councillors.

"We note the statement from Renfrewshire Council making it clear that none of the senior officers who contributed to the school roll error remain with the council."