PLANS to build 105 new affordable homes at a popular development in Newton Mearns have received backlash from residents in the area.

Four separate planning applications were submitted by Cala Homes to create the new properties at the Maidenhill Farm Development.

We previously reported that East Renfrewshire Council announced they were in discussion with developers to create the new council homes in the area.

Submitting the plans separately, the property developer is proposing to build 19, 32, 34, and 20 affordable homes within the development. 

However, several local residents have raised concerns about the proposals on the council's planning forum. 

Objecting as part of the plans to build 32 homes, one local has claimed they would be a “breach of privacy of neighbouring homes". 

They also raised issues with noise levels from traffic, and believe the proposal is “against the environmental policy to protect green space and protecting the habitats of insects, rabbits, and other wildlife". 

On top of that, they said there are “far too many homes” in the community already and a “lack of amenities and services".

Meanwhile, four residents raised objections to the plans to build 34 affordable properties.

One objected to a proposed layout for a new road.

They said: “One of the main reasons we bought our house was it’s a quiet location, tucked at a dead end.

“We were drawn to it because it meant there would be less traffic and much safer for our young son and pet dog.

“Houses at dead-end streets are also deemed less targeted by burglars/vandals due to their limited access for a quick exit and I believe they often carry a higher resale value.

“We worry that by building the road in front of us, it will not only increase traffic and compromise safety but also reduce the value of our house.”

Another resident raised concerns surrounding local drainage and flooding.

They said: “I am a local resident overlooking this area and whilst I’ve always been aware of the development, I was very surprised to see in the application that there haven’t been any assessments performed regarding local drainage and flooding.

“I wanted to stress that this area is routinely water-logged, and I am concerned that management of this displaced water has not been considered.”

While another local objected to the plans due to being worried about the new homes being at a “higher elevation” than their home as they believe it could create drainage issues in the area.

The applications are yet to be approved by the council.