Choosing the right seat on your flight can make or break your holiday.

Brits are gearing up for summer which means many of us will be jetting off to sunnier skies sometime soon. 

Whether you aim for the aisle or you prefer to see the world go by out the window, the perfect seat looks different to us all depending on what you're looking for.

Increased comfort, privacy, accessibility or safety as well as the view of the world below all comes into consideration.

What happens if you miss your flight due to airport delays

With this in mind, travel expert Anton Radchenko from AirAdvisor has given us the rundown of the best spots to sit (and where you should avoid).

What is the best seat to choose on a plane?

Front of the Plane

If you want to make the most of the amenities - Anton recommends the front of the plane.

Travellers generally get to board and disembark first which minimises the time spent boarding.

Additionally, the front of the plane gets food and drinks first.

There is also typically less turbulence, and it tends to be quieter too. 

Window Seats 

Many of us are fans of the window seats, and with good reason, according to Anton.

The coveted seats are handy since we can use the window as a headrest.

Not to mention, people won’t wake you up so that they can get by to use the restroom.

Anton added that the plane’s left side typically provides more headrest room than the right due to the location of the windows, so aim for the left side. 

Middle and Overwing Seats 

Most people aim for something other than the middle because it is cramped.

However, the middle seat, over the wing, is actually the smoothest spot.

This is helpful for those who suffer from motion sickness or prefer the smoothest ride possible.

Aisle Seats 

For those looking for extra leg room without losing the ability to recline their seats, the aisle is an excellent option.

Travellers are able to stretch and lift the armrest for extra space.

On top of that, it's easier to get up and use the bathroom or move around throughout the flight than other spots on the plane. 

Bulkhead Seats 

Anton says to proceed cautiously when selecting bulkhead seats because you may be unable to store personal items by your feet.

That being said, bulkhead seats are great for the extra room and privacy.

Plus, you will also be among the first to get drinks. 

Anton adds that many bulkhead seats have a bassinet option for babies so depending on your needs, it could be the place for you. 

Barrhead News: Travel expert at AirAdvisor has given us the rundown of the best plane seats to choose and the ones to avoid. ( Getty Images)Travel expert at AirAdvisor has given us the rundown of the best plane seats to choose and the ones to avoid. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

The plane seats you should avoid

There are areas to avoid when selecting where you want to sit on your next flight, according to the AirAdvisor expert:

Seats at the back of the plane are not as smooth

You will feel the turbulence more, and it is typically louder due to the plane’s engines and auxiliary power near the back. 

Seats near the galley

The galleys can be in the front, back, or middle of the aircraft and are louder because it is where the flight crews stay during the flight. Those can be incredibly frustrating during long flights or red-eyes. 

Seats by the restroom

They are usually louder due to people standing around, the toilet flushing, and are bright and smelly. 

Exit rows

These seats are great for extra leg room but at the cost of losing the ability to recline your seat and store your belongings by your feet. 

You should select the seats that meet your needs and provide a comfortable flight, Anton recommends.

He added: "Choosing a window seat towards the middle or front of the plane will be preferable for most.

"However, if travelling with young children, seats near the bulkhead provide bassinets and extra space, plus you won’t worry about them kicking the seat in front of them.

"Anton recommends always checking the seating plan to determine the best seats for your specific needs and preferences".