A campaign has been launched to warn people of scammers.

The "Scam Van" is set to visit East Renfrewshire as part of the Shut Out Scammers initiative.

It aims to raise of awareness of various forms of financial harm to which consumers are susceptible and empower consumers to challenge anything they don't think is genuine and to encourage the reporting of scams.

The van will visit the local authority, as well as Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire between from Friday, May 12 and Friday, May 19.

Constable Fiona Drummond from Police Scotland said: “We are proud to be supporting Shut out Scammers again this year.

"Doorstep criminals typically target vulnerable members of our communities, with those responsible attempting to pass themselves off as legitimate tradespeople in order to gain access to a victim’s property, or to charge large sums of money whilst undertaking poor-quality work.

“We know scams are a worry for people and we would encourage anyone with any concerns to come and speak to officers if they see the van out and about.

“Members of the public who witness potential doorstep crime are asked to contact police immediately on 101 or if urgent on 999, so we can investigate and identify offenders.”

A Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Spokesperson said: "Every day in Scotland communities are targeted by scammers causing financial harm and heartache.

"Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, through the use of its Neighbourhood Alert messaging system, keeps communities informed of current scam trends at a local and national level with the purpose of preventing anyone becoming a victim to the criminals engaged in this type of activity.”