I'm A Celeb... South Africa 'apologised' to fans as one of its drinking challenges was described as "grim" and left other fans feeling ill.

Newcomers Joe Swash and Dean Gaffney were forced to start their first challenge in order to bring treats back to the camp.

The challenge saw the EastEnders actors drink random concoctions made of unsavoury parts of exotic animals.

The ITV show issued the comedic apology on Twitter in a post reading: "Apologies in advance if you have a weak stomach #ImACeleb."

The post was accompanied by a video of Dean Gaffney splurting out the gross drinks to classical music.

This comes as the camp was divided into two 'Prides' with Ant and Dec informing the celebrities that the two teams would compete over the next two days.

The Prides were given separate leaders with the ITV duo, designating, Joe Swash and Dean Gaffney as heads.

Some of the Celebrities were then tasked with competing in an unusual game of 'Snakes and Ladders' as they battled it out for food.

I'm A Celeb fans react to 'grim' Dean Gaffney and Joe Swash drinking challenge as apology issued 

One user was less than impressed by the I'm A Celeb... South Africa challenge, tweeting: "Well that enough of watching people’s gag reflex for me. That’s just grim. #ImACeleb."

Another user shared this sentiment, saying: "Terrible television… #ImACeleb".

However, other fans found the whole opening challenge hilarious with one fan saying: "This. This. This. Once again. Some of the best TV this year! #ImACeleb."

Another added: "I am screaming at #ImACeleb Dean Gaffney! He’s such an icon of this show."

One user had little to say, simply typing: "speechless #ImACeleb" accompanied by a picture of Dean Gaffney covered in sick.

I'm A Celeb...South Africa will continue on Thursday from 9 pm.