Everyone is a fan of M&Ms chocolates, but how many people actually know what the two letters stand for?

Tik Toker Claire Dinhut - or condimentclaire as her user name refers to her - has outlined exactly what M&M stands for and the "juicy" family drama behind it. 

Responding to a question on TikTok asking for a 'foodie fact' from Claire, she proceeded to explain the "m&m family drama". 

Claire, who hails from the US but now resides in the UK, said: "The most fun candy or chocolate fact is M&M and why it's called M&M. 

"There's so much family drama here it's so juicy, it's so good."

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The M&M name actually represents the two people who came up with the idea.

M&M stands for Mars and Murrie - named after Forrest E. Mars Sr. – the founder of Mars – and Bruce Murrie, the son of Hershey Chocolate’s president William F. R. Murrie.

The story behind how M&Ms came to be, begins after Mars had a fall-out with his father and travelled to Europe.

Claire, on TikTok explains: "He goes to Europe - Spanish/American war is happening and he sees that everyone is eating these like chocolate coated pebbles, coated in candy coating. 

"So he's like oh my God, I need to bring this back to the US, but I don't want to bring it to my dad because my Dad sucks and I hate him.

"So he goes to the rival aka Hershey's."

And the rest they say is history. Mars along with Bruce Murrie come up with the delicious chocolate and name them Mars and Murrie, M&Ms.

Claire went on to add the reason M&Ms took off so much was due to World War II. 

She said that during World War II Mars and Murrie made a deal with the government that saw M&Ms placed in every soldier's bag.