AN award-winning crematorium in Barrhead is set to expand the size of its car park by adding additional spaces.

The Hurlet Crematorium has had a planning application approved by the council to create 40 new car parking spaces.

The new spaces, which are set to be added, will take the parking capacity at the facility up from 88 spaces to 128 spaces, including disabled parking, in a bid to help better accommodate the large number of vehicles that attend the crematorium.

Construction on the new spaces is set to start next week and is estimated to take four weeks to complete.

David McNaughton, manager of The Hurlet Crematorium, said: “When we designed The Hurlet Crematorium, we included the same amount of parking provision that we have at our other crematorium facilities, but we have found over the past year, that we attract a far higher number of vehicles to our services at The Hurlet than we do elsewhere, and we wanted to do everything we could to help make accessing the facility as easy as possible for families.

“The works represent a six-figure investment, and we have worked hard to appoint a specialist contractor who is able to complete the works in as short a time period as possible, so as to minimise any disruptions caused for families while the project is being completed.”

David continued to say: “We have been so humbled by the rate at which local families have adopted The Hurlet Crematorium in times of need, and we are confident that the addition of 40 new car parking spaces will go a long way in helping to ensure that families and friends can more easily access and park when coming to us to attend services.”