ALMOST £100,000 has been given out to families across East Renfrewshire.

The money, which has been handed out, is part of the Child Winter Heating Assistance scheme that aims to provide support to help families of disabled children and young people heat their homes in the winter.

In total, around 450 payments of £214.10, worth almost £97,000 were made for winter 2022/23 in East Renfrewshire, £25,000 more than the previous year.

Since the benefit launched in November 2020, £235,000 has been handed out to those entitled to it across the area.

Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “The cost of living crisis and higher energy bills mean that families are struggling more than ever.

“Getting this money to families who may need to heat their homes for longer than others over the winter months provides crucial financial support and eases financial pressure at a challenging time of year.

“Therefore, it is welcome news that £97,000 has been paid to eligible families in East Renfrewshire for winter 2022/23.

“This Scottish Government benefit is one of seven benefits only available in Scotland and is automatically paid to families of the most severely disabled children and young people.”

Somerville continued to say: “I urge anyone who is struggling during the cost of living crisis to visit the Scottish Government’s Cost of Living website for support and advice.”

The payment that is made automatically once a year will also be increased by 10.1% to £235.70 for winter 2023/24.