PLANS submitted to the council to create an EV charging zone have been withdrawn.

The planning application, which was submitted in March, was to form a charging station at Drumby Service Station in Clarkston.

The proposal was to create an electric vehicle charging zone along with a canopy, substation enclosure, and associated forecourt works.

A consultation response to the plans from the roads department, which was submitted on March 27, said: “The EV charging infrastructure is located out with the bounds of the public road and will have no impact upon said roads.

“Due to the above, the Roads Service has no objections to offer.

“Notwithstanding the above comments, it is recommended that consideration is given to lengthening the proposed charging bays. This would enable the bays to accommodate the larger vehicles such as electric vans without compromising the functionality/safety of the existing facility.”

However, before the council could consider the application in full, it was withdrawn on Wednesday, April 19.

Before it was withdrawn, several residents in the area did raise objections to the plans.

One resident objecting to the plans claimed the charging point station would be a “H&S (health and safety) issue".

They also said that it wasn’t “clear” from the plans whether the new site would be elevated above the existing spare ground level or whether it will be at the ground level with the entrance off Drumby Drive.

The objector then went on to raise issues around noise levels.

They said: “At present, there is a row of poorly maintained trees between the proposed site and the existing properties.

“These merely screen the view of the petrol station, it does not block sound and installation of these EV charging points will create increased noise levels from vehicles and/or person(s) talking while awaiting their car to be charged.”

Meanwhile, another resident raised concerns about the development.

They said: “There are no official barriers between the undeveloped land and our garden.

“We have had to erect our own fence, but I would not consider this to be a secure division and would be concerned over my children's safety in the garden.

“The noise from the service station is already loud and can be heard through the night. Access to the new electric pumps would also cause concern."