A mum has gone viral online after developing a way to help fellow parents who may be grieving or feeling lonely.

All you need to get involved and offer support is a ribbon.

Inspiration struck for psychotherapist and author Anna Mathur when she found herself struggling but had nobody to talk to.

Anna said: "I was juggling three kids down the high street, one was screaming and the other two lagging behind. I felt utterly depleted and was fighting back tears.

"I looked around me and saw strangers, other mums, families, and people on their own. I wished so much that I could have turned to someone at that moment, for a kind word, a warm smile, or an extra hand to distract a child.

"I felt like a couple of people could see me struggling but may have worried I'd feel offended if they offered to help."

It prompted Anna to start The Mum Ribbon Movement.

Mums across the country are being encouraged to tie a ribbon to their bag to say they are open to receiving some kind words or support, or are here if you need some kind words or support.

Anna explained on Instagram: “It’s also for those who’ve messaged me to say that they’ve been offered support before, but said they were ‘fine thanks’ when they weren’t.

“So, it might a statement to yourself that you’re stepping out in letting others step towards you!

“This will either rocket, or flop, and I’m okay with finding out and looking like a plonker if it doesn’t work.”

The scheme has already proven to be a huge success, with Anna adding: “Wow. What a couple of days! Ribbons being tied to bags all over the country. Shops and cafes pledging to offer ribbons, baby groups handing them out (and even printing lovely words on them). Brands getting in touch to see how they can help, and journalists pitching to press. Swipe right to read.

“We have a way to go to ensure these ribbons tied to bags aren’t just pretty additions, but powerful statements of permission.

“Permission to offer practical help and kind words. Permission to ask for them too.

“In a society that pits women against women, this is a battle cry that needing each other isn’t lack of strength. No, leaning towards each other makes us stronger and healthier mentally. This is an antidote to loneliness, comparison, division, fear of being rebuffed when supporting others.”