TWO pupils from Barrhead High School have won an award at a Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) challenge.

Grace Hunter and Robyn Shirlaw, both in S2 and in the school's debating club, put their names forward to be involved in this year’s School Speaking Competition.

The challenge, which is a public speaking competition for Scottish secondary pupils to debate on topical issues, aims to give S2 and S3 pupils the opportunity to develop their skills and gain confidence in public speaking.

It also aims to teach them more about the law in Scotland and the role of the COPFS in the justice system.

As part of the competition, there were four heats, two semi-finals and then the final.

At each stage, a panel of judges score teams on their content, delivery, teamwork, and their questions.

The first round took place in January, held at St Ninian’s High School.

The two girls from Barrhead High School debated on whether society believes everyone should be “thin and beautiful".

The girls’ stance was that they believed this was the case and the judge voted unanimously for it.

After that, the girls were then invited to Kilmarnock Sherriff Court and were up against Wellington Academy in Ayr.

This time, the two S2 pupils were up against an S3 team, and they had to convince a judge that social media is bad for people’s mental health.

Grace and Robyn managed to achieve this and were then put through to the final.

The final took place on Wednesday, April 19, at Paisley Sherriff Court and the Barrhead High pupils were tasked with debating that there can be no climate justice without climate reparation.

Grace and Robyn went on to become runners-up in the competition overall and they returned to the school with a trophy.

Fiona Johnston, head teacher of Barrhead High School, said: “We were delighted that our young people had the opportunity to participate and compete in the School Speaking Competition organised by COPFS.

“Grace and Robyn demonstrated our values of teamwork and resilience to reach the regional final.

“Fantastic achievements, we are very proud.”