THE decision to prevent a giant phone mast being installed in Barrhead has been branded as a “sensible decision” by a local politician.

Labour MSP Paul O’Kane and local councillor Danny Devlin have both welcomed the decision by the Scottish Reporter to reject an appeal to build a telecommunications mast in Boylestone.

We previously reported that protestors claimed the 20-metre high structure on the Fereneze Brae, near Boylestone Road, would have been a “blot on the landscape” and a threat to the area’s natural wildlife.

Earlier this year, East Renfrewshire Council rejected the proposals to install the mast from MBNL, a company that specialises in mobile phone infrastructure.

However, MBNL then lodged an appeal with the Scottish Reporter, which was ruled against.

The decision follows a lengthy campaign from local residents who were against the mast, with the help of Paul O’Kane and Danny Devlin.

Paul O’Kane MSP said: “This is welcomed news, it’s a sensible decision and I believe hundreds of local people who were quite rightly vocally opposed to the proposal will be delighted.

“I was pleased to work with local residents to support them to have their say on this proposal – they have and it’s resulted in an important victory for the local community.”

While councillor Danny Devlin added: “It’s fantastic to know that the concerns of residents have been heard, taken on board and have ultimately helped prevent the mast being built.

“It’s a decision that has obviously considered the negative impact the mast would have on the Boylestone area.”