SCHOOL pupils in East Renfrewshire had a “quantity of alcohol” confiscated from them.

Police seized alcohol from the youngsters at Rouken Glen Park on Thursday, April 20, where fifth and sixth-year school leavers were celebrating their last day of school.

The event, which is referred to as “Muck Up Day”, saw police patrolling the park to ensure there was no anti-social behaviour or alcohol-related disorder.

While alcohol was taken from the school leavers, police confirmed there were no “significant issues.”

Police Sergeant James Higgins said: “Muck Up Day in East Renfrewshire is where fifth and six-year pupils get together to celebrate their last day of school.

“This was held on Thursday, April 20, in Rouken Glen Park.

“We carried out patrols in the park to ensure there was no alcohol-related youth disorder or anti-social behaviour.

“Alcohol was seized but there were no significant issues.

“The atmosphere on the day was positive with officers engaging with the pupils to ensure their safety.”

East Renfrewshire Police said: “Officers patrolling East Renfrewshire schools’ “Muck Up” day have seized a quantity of alcohol.”