Google users are being warned of a dangerous scam that aims to steal your private information and money.

Scam emails are being sent to Google users claiming that you have won a prize.

The email claims to be from Google in an attempt to appear harmless, however if interacted with, it could compromise your personal data.

The scam claims that you have made a milestone Google search, such as the 20 billionth, and asks you to follow a link to redeem your award.

Barrhead News:

The email reads: “Online Reward Program. You’ve made the 18.25-billionth search!

"Congratulations! You are the lucky Google user!

"Every 10millionth search is reached worldwide, we will proclaim a lucky user to send out a thank-you gift.

"Based on our last 7 days' user data, you are the lucky user!

"Please select your reward below and claim it by following the instruction."

Google’s website warns that it does not offer prizes.

Issuing a warning to anyone who has received an email “about winning a prize or lottery from Google”, the tech giant says: “Google does not run lotteries, sweepstakes, or similar programs.

“Emails or advertisements claiming otherwise are fraudulent and can be safely reported as spam."

The scam warning comes weeks after Google Chrome users were encouraged to take urgent action to protect their browsers.

The tech company urged everyone to download the latest Chrome updates, saying it is too dangerous to ignore them.

Google’s Mollie Bates told The Sun: “Chrome and Safe Browsing work to ensure that we warn you about dangerous downloads when possible.

“When you see a download warning, you can still download the file, but we strongly recommend against it.

"Computers are often compromised by malware because people misunderstand or ignore warnings."

Google releases new versions of Chrome at least every two weeks.

The updates are designed by hundreds of security engineers across Google and will keep your browser safe against the latest threats, the company says.