British holidaymakers heading to Cyprus have been issued a warning over the country's strict new laws ahead of a busy summer season.

The holiday hotspot has introduced new laws including a ban on laughing gas which has led the Foreign Office to update its advice to UK travellers. 

The updated guidance informs Brits that "Cyprus has a strictly enforced zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs, which now includes laughing gas.

"If you are caught with any type of narcotic you will receive either a prison sentence or a hefty fine.

Barrhead News: Cyprus is clamping down on the use of laughing gas as it tightens its illegal drug policy. ( Oleg P/ Getty Images)Cyprus is clamping down on the use of laughing gas as it tightens its illegal drug policy. ( Oleg P/ Getty Images) (Image: Oleg P/ Getty Images)

Foreign Office updates Cyrpus travel advice to UK holidaymakers

"The rules against possession of illegal drugs are stricter than in the UK".

Travellers are also told to "avoid taking photographs near potentially sensitive areas like military establishments."

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus, particularly Aya Napa, is considered a favourite holiday location amongst Brits all year round but especially in the summer months.

The new rules follow other popular European tourist hubs clamping down on disorderly behaviour from holidaymakers. 

Spain's Balearic Islands have slowly been introducing new rules to curb this kind of tourist drinking culture in the last few years.

Travellers enjoying the sunshine in the likes of Ibiza and Majorca face drinking restrictions in some all-inclusive resorts.

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The Balearic Island Government has introduced a six-drink rule in the following popular party spots: Playa de Palma, El Arenal, Magaluf in Majorca and West End of San Antonio, Ibiza.

In designated areas of the resorts, there are also prohibitions on happy hours, open bars (such as all you can drink in 1-hour offers), the sale of alcohol from vending machines as well as the sale of alcohol between 9:30pm and 8am.

You can see the full Spain travel advice via the UK Government website.

Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, is also among the tourist spots to recently launch a digital campaign that aims to clamp down on this kind of drunken behaviour. 

The city directed the message towards men between 18-35 years old from the UK as it tries to cut down the numbers of rowdy and disruptive stag dos and pub crawls.