EAST Renfrewshire Council has provided an update on a gap between two drains on a Neilston Road.

Concern was raised by residents after a picture emerged on social media showing the gap on Lochlibo Road.

Sharing the image online, a Facebook user said: “If you ride a bike/motorbike, be careful passing this on low road between Donnies Brae and the Clyde Leather, travelling towards Irvine.

“My hand reached across the gap.”

After raising the concerns, other residents expressed their frustration with the issue.

One Facebook user said: “Fed up reporting this, every time it's ‘fixed’ a few weeks later it's falling again.”

Another user added: “Probably waiting till someone has a serious accident first then it might get done properly.”

The council has confirmed that an interim repair on the affected area has been completed.

A spokesperson said: “We arranged for the site to be inspected to confirm responsibility of the covers and what action was needed.

“Our inspector attended today [Wednesday, April 12] and can confirm an interim repair has now been completed.

“The covers are the responsibility of the utility company, who will have to arrange for a permanent repair.”

“We’ve contacted them to confirm proposed dates.”