A NEILSTON business is on the move as part of an expansion plan.

Coffee Roasters Scotland, owned by Raymond Kerr and Marc Jones, has already earned a growing reputation.

And the business will soon be operating out of Neilston’s historic mill.

Raymond said the firm’s recent success means more space is needed.

He first fell in love with coffee when he spent three months visiting his half-sister in Australia a decade ago.

However, it was during a nightshift in his role in the security department at Silverburn shopping centre in May 2020 that he started to think about how he could get into the coffee industry.

Raymond decided to give roasting a go, eventually setting up Rambeans in the kitchen at his parents’ home in Neilston to sell freshly-roasted and bagged-to-order micro-batch coffee.

He was soon fulfilling orders from as far afield as the Shetland Islands and London.

Rambeans coffee was also enjoyed by singer Callum Beattie and World’s Strongest Man winner Tom Stoltman.

Raymond said: “I was in Melbourne for three months and it’s a really big coffee culture there and I fell in love with it.

“I thought I’d try coffee roasting. I did a bit of reading about it and watched some videos and then started roasting in the house, trying it myself and giving it to friends and family.

“It was a learning curve, a totally new skill and, at that point, just a hobby but then people said I should try selling it.”

Marc helped to get Rambeans up and running before joining forces with Raymond to launch Coffee Roasters Scotland last year.

It provides ethically-sourced, high-quality coffee beans.

For more information, visit https://coffeeroastersscotland.com.