A CARE Home in East Renfrewshire has received a positive inspection report.

Two inspectors from the Care Inspectorate carried out an unannounced visit to Norwood Nursing Home in Barrhead in February.

During the visit, to make their evaluations, the inspectors spoke with users of the service, family members, staff, and they also reviewed documents, observed practice and daily life, and had responses from an online survey from five external professionals who knew the home.

Publishing their findings recently, the watchdog rated the care home as being good.

The key messages from the report included activity and care plan information continued to need some improvements and the breakfast experience for residents needed to be reviewed.

The report also highlighted that the home had adapted to current staffing challenges by moving to one unit, the manager had supported staff effectively through changes, the home was responsive and receptive to suggestions for improvements, and the team was longstanding and knew people well.

The Care Inspectorate also recommended some improvements for the home in their report.

These included that stress and distress care plans should be written for any resident who needs one, they should ensure all mealtimes are a safe and positive experience, and the activity programme provided should respond to the preferences and choices of all residents.

There have been no previous complaints upheld at the care home since its previous inspection report.