EAST Renfrewshire has been ranked in the top 20 of the best areas for remote working in Scotland.

The ranking, which was completed by TinyWow, ranked 30 areas in Scotland based on several factors including average internet speed, to find out the best areas for remote working.

Each area was scored out of 100 on the following factors: average internet download speeds, house prices, household energy and gas consumption, distance to green space, and the proportion of houses with garden access.

Out of the 30 areas, East Renfrewshire landed a score of 57.17 out of 100, ranking it number 19.

Neighbouring areas such as Renfrewshire scored 69.81, ranking third and Glasgow City scored 68.23, ranking sixth.

The top-scoring area in Scotland was West Dunbartonshire, scoring 75.53.

A spokesperson for TinyWow said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated the public’s awareness of and interest in remote working over the past few years.

"While many have since been keen to return to the office, overall demand for remote work across the UK only seems to be increasing.

“In fact, recent Google Trends data shows that search interest for ‘remote work jobs’ reached its highest point in five years, during the first week of January 2023, highlighting that many are eager to engage with this new way of working.

“Internet access, affordability of housing and access to public and private green space are all important factors to consider when accessing the longevity of working from home.

"For those seeking a role in an industry that facilitates remote work, it’s worth evaluating which aspects of work are the most important to you, and whether your home setting can provide them.”