Dog owners are being asked to make sure they keep their four-legged friends under control while exploring the East Renfrewshire countryside now the lambing season is underway.

Police have stressed the owner of a dog that attacks livestock can be fined up to £40,000 or face a year in prison.

A spokesperson said: “Lambing season is well underway and you may see young lambs or pregnant sheep.

“We ask for extra vigilance whilst walking your dog.

“Being in a field with a dog where sheep become distressed is a crime.

“Fear of a dog attack can cause sheep to lose their lambs.

“Whilst many owners are unaware of the impact their dogs are having on livestock, it is their responsibility to ensure attacks and worrying don’t happen.

“They should ensure their dog doesn’t disturb or attack these animals, otherwise there are consequences under the law if it does occur.

“If you see an incident, please report any concerns to 101.”

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