SENIOR pupils at an East Renfrewshire school have put their foreign language skills to good use by taking part in an international podcast.

Francesca Bell, Sam Wells, Rachael Martin and head boy James Orr, of Mearns Castle High, were interviewed for the show by Ángela Gutiérrez, from Spain, and Mariana Mejía, from Colombia.

Ángela and Mariana set up language learning company Spanish Fusion Learning last year and, since then, their online content has been viewed by thousands of people around the world.

The episode featuring the four S6 pupils is called ‘Entrevistamos a estudiantes de Glasgow’ and was fully recorded in Spanish.

It hears the teens discuss Spanish and the Scottish education system, where they have been to in Spain and where they would like to go, travelling to South America in future and their favourite Spanish Netflix shows, films and music.

Modern languages teacher Jennifer Christie, who is friends with Ángela and organised the opportunity for her pupils, said: “It’s quite nerve-racking knowing you are doing something that anyone around the world can listen to, so it definitely put them outside their comfort zone but they did it.

“They are great kids and it was a great opportunity for them. It was good fun and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

“They have their talking exam coming up at the end of March, so this has been good practice for that.”

Jennifer, who also teaches French at the Newton Mearns school, recorded her own podcast in October, in which she discussed why she chose to study languages at university, as well as her experiences of learning and teaching languages in Scotland.

She hopes to arrange for more pupils to take part in a podcast when they are studying for their Advanced Higher next year.

Jennifer added: “I think it’s really good to give pupils real life opportunities to practice and use their language skills.”

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