Perched on a plush sofa in one of Glasgow's buzziest rooftop bars, Kirsten Cameron and Amy Moore sit in matching tailored business suits with barely a hair out of place.

It’s how we often see the pair who run Aquarius Creative talent agency in Uddingston thanks to their perfectly polished Instagram accounts with a combined follower count of almost 60,000.

But, with their new reality series The Agency: Unfiltered soon to be aired on BBC Scotland, they say we’re about to gain a whole new perspective on the lives of Glasgow’s ultra-glam.

Kirsten: “We’re so excited for the show to come out.

“I feel like there’s never been anything made that touches on the influencer world and marketing agencies specifically and we’re looking forward to people seeing what goes on in our day-to-day work.

“It’s mad to think that we have our own TV show, and there’s definitely nerves that come with it, but it feels good.”

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In episode one, which kicks off the six-part series on Monday evening, we’re taken on a tour of Aquarius HQ before being whisked off on a journey in and around Glasgow as meetings are held in some instantly recognisable locations.

Amy said: “We really wanted to show off as much of the city as we could, so we chose a lot of our favourite venues.

“There’s not been a lot of reality TV filmed in Glasgow before so we really enjoyed being able to go to the places that we would normally hang out.

“It will be really cool to see them on the big screen.”

Later in the episode, the group travels to a luxurious lodge in Aberfeldy to celebrate the signing of two huge names in the influencer world, Abby Blyth and Molly McFarlane.

Drinks are poured and hot tubs bubble, but not before the girls have spent hours creating a bank of content to be shared across their social channels in a bid to maximise likes and engagement.

It’s an enthralling scene which offers viewers an angle not often visible to the outside world and creates a strong argument against the tired assumption that being an influencer is an easy ride.

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Kirsten said: “Listen, we know it's no rocket science, but the girls really do put a lot of work into it.

“There are tight deadlines they have to meet and a lot of it is done in their own time.

“There’s so much more to it than just taking a photo and posting it online.

 “Marketing has evolved and being an influencer is almost like the modern-day equivalent of being a model except that you have to have the full package including an authentic personality”, Amy continues, “brands and followers don’t look for the perfect image on social media now, it’s all about being totally honest and showing all sides of yourself, not just the made-up version.”

Kirsten agreed: “You’ll see that as the series goes on. There are ups and downs that the influencers have to deal with and it’s really nice to be able to see even more of their real lives, unfiltered.”It’s not just the famous faces who are putting in a shift, with the cameras also capturing the passion and determination that it takes to run Scotland’s largest influencer agency.

Both having studied at university in Glasgow, Kirsten and Amy make a formidable team with a shared goal of inspiring more young women to carve their own way in the business world.

Asked what the future holds for Aquarius after Monday night’s TV debut Kirsten answered: "We want to operate on a global scale.

“We’ve been in Uddingston for almost three years now and we would like to open offices in big cities like London or Manchester.

“Our goal is to reach a point where any brand could come to us and we would have an influence who would suit them

Amy said:  “Hopefully the show will be inspirational to anyone who wants to join the industry and will give them an idea of what to expect.

“When we were younger he had reality series like the Hills or movies like the Devil Wears Prada, we hope that this will offer a more realistic view for young girls.

 “It’s all very real”, Kirsten adds, “You’ll see when you watch it.”

The Agency: Unfiltered will be broadcast at 10pm on Monday, February 13 on BBC Scotland.

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