Residents in an East Renfrewshire village claim the “hopeless” schedule of their only bus service has left them “cut off.”

The 395 service, operated by ARG Travel on behalf of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), runs on Mondays to Saturdays between East Kilbride and Neilston, as well as to and from Uplawmoor five times a day.

However, Uplawmoor mum Kate Sanders, who has a child at high school and another at college, said this is far from ideal.

She explained: “There are five buses a day but nothing between 3.23pm and 6.28pm, nothing after 6.28pm and none on Sundays.

“The 395 used to be once an hour but now it’s only every second hour.”

Fellow mum Bessie McQuaker added: “The bus frequency has reduced greatly. With my son being in sixth year and going and coming back from school at irregular times, there never seems to be a bus available.

“All of this results in a lot more car use. I don’t know how working parents manage ferrying kids back and forth.

“I’m lucky that I’m based at home and have the flexibility to pick mine up at short notice.

“I’ve seen kids walk the dangerous Uplawmoor/Neilston Road to get home. I’m sure the hassle of getting to and from school will be affecting overall attendance too.

“In addition, I think it’s terrible for the older generation who may no longer drive. They are completely cut off from easily accessing the shops, bank and GP. The knock-on effects are huge.”

Another resident described the service as “hopeless” because “the timing is completely out” for passengers who want to link up with trains to and from Neilston station and because it doesn’t make more frequent journeys to Uplawmoor.

East Renfrewshire MP Kirsten Oswald has contacted SPT to highlight the concerns raised by local people.

She said: “Residents in Uplawmoor understandably want to see regular and reliable bus services in place.

“It’s a particular challenge for people in Uplawmoor when the bus service doesn’t work as it should or connect effectively with other forms of transport because of the lack of alternative options.”

Labour MSP Paul O’Kane, who also represents the village as part of his West Scotland remit, said that, having been a local councillor and a member of the community that uses the 395 service, he is well aware of the problems faced by residents.

“A long-standing issue has been ensuring that the bus co-ordinates with the train timetable at Neilston station,” he added.

“It could and should be more efficient and I’ll be taking it to the attention of SPT, as well as Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth.

“I am already raising issues about McGill’s bus services with the Scottish Government and the 395 will be another piece of evidence that local community bus services need more support from the government going forward if they’re to remain available and efficient.”

Here to help: Transport provider vows to listen to passengers

Passengers who are unhappy with the 395 service are being urged to raise their concerns with transport chiefs directly.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) is responsible for delivering better public transport for residents across East Renfrewshire.

It regularly monitors the performance of all supported bus services in the region, including the 395.

“In July 2022, a revised timetable was introduced to address reliability issues along sections of the route,” a spokesperson said.

“Bus operators are duty bound to address reliability issues, often a result of congestion, under the rules set out by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

“Prior to this timetable being finalised and based on feedback received from the community, the timetable was amended to improve links with rail services at Neilston specifically.

“If anyone has issues with the 395 service or any other SPT supported service, we would ask that they contact us at”