Christmas is around the corner but is East Renfrewshire set for a White Christmas?

Whether you are dreaming or dreading snowflakes on the big day, here is what the BBC and the Met Office are currently forecasting. 

It comes as the Met Office issues a yellow ice warning which covers East Renfrewshire and other parts of the UK for Sunday, December 18 from 7 am until 9 pm.

BBC Christmas Day weather forecast for East Renfrewshire

Barrhead News: Will East Lothian get a White Christmas this year? ( PA)Will East Lothian get a White Christmas this year? ( PA)

At the time of writing, the BBC has predicted light rain and a gentle breeze for Christmas Day in East Renfrewshire this year. 

Temperatures are expected to range from 1C to 4C and it is not expected to drop below freezing. 

The weather forecaster has reported a high chance of rain throughout the day, peaking at 43% in the afternoon. 

For your latest weather forecast, visit the BBC website.

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Met Office long range weather forecast

The Met Office has released a long-range forecast ( up until January 14 2023 at the time of writing) which gives us an idea of whether we'll see snowflakes this Christmas.

Between December 21 and December 30, we can expect spells of rain and stronger winds which will mainly impact central and southern areas of the UK.

However, some northern areas are likely to see wintry showers, the Met Office has said.

Beyond the North, the national weather service has predicted that any snow will probably be restricted to hills though there is a chance snow could fall to lower levels.

As we approach New Year, we can expect more settled weather with perhaps overnight frosts and some morning fog patches.

For your latest weather forecast, visit the Met Office website.