A CAMPAIGN has been launched to encourage more people to consider adoption.

The aim is to provide information about what is involved and what difference adoption can make to youngsters who are in need of a loving home.

A range of advice is available as part of Adoption Week Scotland, which runs until Friday, with local residents able to view a series of videos in which adopters and foster carers discuss their own experiences.

Experts at Scottish Adoption have stressed that modern day adoption is very different to that of the past, with efforts being made to highlight the importance of keeping in contact with those who have played a part in the child’s life.

The charity has been working with birth parents to ensure they are not an “unheard voice” in the adoption process.

Sue Brunton, chief executive at Scottish Adoption, said: “We strongly believe every child deserves a permanent, loving home and that is why we are actively encouraging people to consider opening their home and family to adoption.

“Currently, there are brothers and sisters who would like to grow up together, younger children with additional support needs and older children waiting to be adopted.

“An older child in this context is a child that is four years plus, so still very young, and we are working hard to help those who have been waiting to be matched to an adoptive family the longest.”

Among the events being held to mark Adoption Week Scotland is an online session where people can hear from adoptive parents as they talk about their journey to parenthood.

Senior practitioners will also be on hand to answer any questions people have about the adoption process.

The event is being held tomorrow, starting at 7pm, and anyone who would like to take part can register at https://adoption.scot/adoption-week-2022.

Further information about adopting is available by calling Scottish Adoption on 0131 553 5060 or visiting www.scottishadoption.org.