Two new photography programmes are aiming to get residents snap happy in Neilston.

Ten sessions introducing people to the subject will provide participants with the skills to use a camera and produce better pictures, while a 15-session skills development course will help those looking to improve their use of a camera and image production.

The programmes, which will run fortnightly on Tuesday evenings on alternate weeks, are due to begin next month at The Bank, in Main Street.

They will be led by Malcolm Briggs, a village-based photographer with 30 years of experience teaching the subject at further and higher education level.

He told the Barrhead News: “The last course finished before the summer break, so we are trying to put photography back on because there has been a bit of a gap.

"Both of these programmes will build upon the very successful sessions we have already delivered at The Bank and are designed to take everyone’s photography to the next level."

From December 6, those on the skills development course will work on themed projects where guidance, tuition and support will be provided to enhance their technical and creative skills.

From December 13, those on the introductory course will cover all the major components of photography, whilst also receiving support, guidance and tuition via photo tasks.

While the former is aimed at those who have at least basic skills in photography and wish to do something more creative or fulfilling with the camera, the latter is an opportunity for those who have little or no knowledge of the subject.

Malcolm is also hoping to secure funding so that cameras will be available for those interested in the sessions who otherwise would not be able to afford to get involved or do not have a camera.

“These two opportunities will cover the full range of skills required to either start taking better pictures or develop existing skills to improve the technical and creative quality of images," he added.

“I think there are a whole raft of people out there who would like to do the skills development one because it’s not like a camera club and it’s not just a course.

“These people might already be members of existing camera clubs and camera groups who are looking to do something a little bit different.

“It’s going to be based on working around themed projects where they have a bit of image research first and then use that to inspire ideas.

“We will display work (in The Bank) throughout the skills development programme.”

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