AN East Renfrewshire park features in a new-look guide to Scotland’s big screen locations.

Set in Scotland lists more than 150 films which have been shot entirely or partially in this country and also highlights more than 100 locations featured in them.

Among the ‘stars’ included in the 52-page guide is Rouken Glen Park, which played key roles in the first two movies by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle – Shallow Grave and Trainspotting.

Released in 1994, Shallow Grave features a wooded area of the Giffnock park which is the scene of the grave referred to in the title, where stars Ewan McGregor, Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston dispose of the body of Hugo (Keith Allen).

The park is also where McGregor (as Renton) and Sick Boy (played by Jonny Lee Miller) philosophise while adopting Sean Connery accents and firing an air rifle at unsuspecting members of the public in Trainspotting, which became a massive hit after its release two years later.

Tourism organisation VisitScotland, which produced the new-look guide, hopes it will offer further inspiration for visitors to explore the locations featured in much-loved movies.

Jenni Steele, film and creative industries manager at VisitScotland, said: “Some of the world’s biggest film franchises have chosen to come to our shores in recent years, from Batman to Avengers.

“This not only boosts the local economy in the short-term, which is particularly important for the recovery of tourism, but can provide an ongoing presence in popular culture – and streaming services – that can continue to reach new audiences and lead to visits long after a film’s release.”