Barrhead musician Rosie McClune and her bandmates from The Hedrons delighted a packed crowd as they reunited to perform a 15th anniversary gig.

The all-girl punk-rock group, who supported The Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones during “an almost meteoric” rise to fame in the Noughties, took to the stage at SWG3 Warehouse, in Glasgow.

Barrhead News: Rosie McCluneRosie McClune (Image: Blair Young)

The foursome, who previously toured Europe and America, were originally booked to play at a smaller venue but had to upscale their plans after tickets sold out in just two days.

Those who headed along to the gig, including Rosie’s dad and best friends from Barrhead, were treated to a 14-song set which mainly featured tracks from their 2007 album One More Won’t Kill Us.

Barrhead News: Rosie McCluneRosie McClune (Image: Blair Young)

Rosie, 40, told the Barrhead News: “There must have been more than 400 people there and the audience was amazing and had so much energy..

“It was nice to see everyone. A lot of people who used to come to the gigs, who I haven’t seen for years, were there.

“We were just completely exhausted but it was brilliant.”

Barrhead News: The Hedrons on stage at the end of the gigThe Hedrons on stage at the end of the gig (Image: Blair Young)

The band’s only album was re-released earlier this year, making it into the vinyl charts and top 10 Scottish charts for independent artists.

Footage of backstage and the show, which was held to celebrate this renewed chart success, was captured by documentary film-makers who are creating a production about pioneering female Scottish musicians.

And the stage reunion will not be the end of the revival of the group, who called it quits 15 years ago when they were starting their second album.

Barrhead News: The HedronsThe Hedrons (Image: Blair Young)

“The show was over in a flash but we all loved it and we are definitely going to be doing it again,” added former St Luke’s High pupil Rosie, who now lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“We announced that we’ll be doing a new album, so as soon as that’s ready to go, we will definitely do another gig."