A CAMPAIGN has been launched to encourage patients to ask the right questions about their healthcare.

Through the ‘It’s OK to Ask’ initiative, people are being urged to quiz their healthcare providers about the type of treatment being offered and be more involved in decisions around their care.

The campaign aims to break down communication barriers and create open conversations to ensure patients have full information on the options available to them.

Patients are being asked to consider four key questions when they next attend an appointment or discuss their care with a healthcare professional.

These are ‘what are the benefits of my treatment,’ ‘what are the risks of my treatment, are there any alternative treatments I can try and what if I do nothing?

John McAnaw, associate clinical director at NHS 24, said: “We understand it can sometimes feel intimidating or even scary to ask for more information when you are in a healthcare setting but our colleagues throughout the NHS will be delighted to help with any questions you have.”

For more details, visit nhsinform.scot/campaigns/its-ok-to-ask.