A PAIR of teenage yobs who targeted a 15-year-old boy in a brutal murder bid have been told they will each be detained for 40 months.

The knife thugs – aged 16 and 15 at the time – carried out the horror attack on February 28 last year.

Medics initially feared the victim would not survive after he was rushed to hospital.

One of the attackers was later found sobbing down the phone as he confessed his guilt to the police.

The duo admitted an attempted murder charge at the High Court in Glasgow earlier this month and learned their fate at a hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh today.

Lord Young gave the pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, 40 months each, telling them that the terms reflect guidelines in place for sentencing people under the age of 26.

These guidelines reflect research which states that young people who commit crime lack maturity and need rehabilitation and that sentences need to take this into account.

But Lord Young said the circumstances of the offence meant the pair still needed to be given terms of detention.

At earlier proceedings, the court heard how the murder bid took place in Thornliebank Road, Thornliebank, after both thugs had been drinking.

They left the older boy’s home around 10pm, having earlier been in contact with their victim, who was already known to them.

All three were later seen in the area of Thornliebank Road.

Prosecutor Blair Speed said a taxi driver went on to spot two people running in the direction of where the victim was.

One was seen putting what appeared to be a sword down the front of his trousers.

The cabbie alerted police before the blood-soaked boy was found lying at a bus stop near Eastwood Cemetery.

After the crime, the 15-year-old attacker was described as distressed as he told a witness: “It was me who started it.”

The older boy was later found by relatives and claimed he was “sorry.”

Mr Speed told the court: “He made a 999 call and made special knowledge admissions about the attack, the location and time.

“He told the operator ‘You need to come get me, as I’m guilty.’ “Police attended a short time later and found him still sobbing on the phone.”

The teenager admitted to the officers that he had “stabbed someone.”

He also asked: “How long will I get? I just want to know he will be alright.”

The weapon used in the attack was found to be an eight-inch knife, which police seized.

The court heard that the victim suffered injuries to his chest and abdomen.

Medics found 10 wounds, including five to his left arm, and the court was told that, without emergency surgery, he would have died.

The court was also told the attackers, both now aged 17, are first offenders but subject to compulsory supervision orders.

Defence advocate John Brannigan, who represented the first accused, said his client was sorry for the attack.

He added: “He wishes me to express his deepest apologies to the victim of this assault and to the court.

“The period of reflection which he has undergone has given him the insight that, if he could undo this, then he would.”

Solicitor advocate Raymond McIlwham told the court that the second accused has always taken responsibility for his actions.

The lawyer added: “He expresses his complete regret for what happened that night. He immediately regretted his actions. He called the police soon after and handed himself in.”