Fed-up residents are pleading with the council to resurface a busy route between Neilston and Barrhead after branding the stretch “a disgrace” and “dangerous”.

Jonathan Elliot is among those calling for action to address the poor state of repair of Springfield Road, which is littered with holes and uneven patches of tarmac.

Mr Elliot said his car was left “wrecked” and in need of costly repairs after he hit a series of holes and “lost control” of the vehicle, which he has only had for a few months.

The Neilston resident told the Barrhead News: “My car has lower suspension and I went up Springfield Road from the Welcome to Neilston sign.

“The car went bang, bang, bang. I tried to turn the wheel and it caused damage to the tyres and the underside of the front suspension.

“It caused me to veer off the road and then I went ‘oh no’ and I tried to drive to the top of the hill and then I just banged the whole way through the road till I’ve reached Barrhead.

“The garage said they’ve done something temporary but I said ‘I’m not driving this car because I can hear pinging off it’, and they gave me an estimated cost of more than £700 to repair it.“ The 49-year-old, who has put in a claim with the council’s insurance company, is one of many complaining about the long-running issue, with another resident saying she has reported it three times this year.

Concerns have also been raised about potholes on Springhill Road which crosses Springfield Road.

Mr Elliot says a more extensive, permanent fix is long overdue, particularly as the surface copes with increasing traffic volume due to new houses in the area.

He added: “You can see where they have come in and tried to patch it.

“The guys have just blobbed tar randomly and it’s not worked – it’s made it worse. It’s like hitting a rack.

“The council asked me what section it was. Their aim is to just fix that section but that whole road needs done.

“I’ve been to Beirut and there are better roads there.”

Louise McAdam, meanwhile, is also desperate for the “whole road to be resurfaced”.

The Neilston resident has been reporting the issue since she moved to the village six years ago.

She commented: “The road surface is absolutely terrible and some of the passing places have dangerous potholes, which only seem to get temporary patches.

“I recently needed four new tyres on my car due to cracking of the tyres, despite having plenty of tread left, which I was told was probably due to driving on poor road surfaces.

“Use of the road does ease traffic in some parts of Barrhead, and the number of recent roadworks has meant that the road has seen even more use.

“This is a vital route out of Neilston and needs to be properly maintained.

“I would like to see a 30mph limit for the safety of pedestrians and other road users, and signage to recommend drivers to slow right down on the two blind bends.

“I understand work would mean a temporary closure, however needs must.”

A council spokesperson said: “We’re aware of the condition of Springfield Road and defects have already been identified for repair.

“Subject to budget availability, we aim to carry these works out prior to the end of this financial year.

“A full road closure will be required to complete the works.”