Barrhead High School sixth year pupils are developing their skills with a new leadership team.

The school replaced the traditional head boy and head girl roles last year for a wider team of pupils who are all involved in making important decisions for their school.

This year’s team is led by two appointed leaders, Darcie and Erin (inset), who attend meetings and have the final say in some decisions, chosen from a pool of students who applied for the roles.

The rest of the senior leadership team will take charge of certain committees and help with decision making as a group.

Head teacher Fiona Johnston said: “The entire idea behind the new system is ambition, and to keep adding values.

“We want to inspire the students and raise their aspirations. We wanted to widen leadership and responsibility to include more students.

“The rest of the sixth years who aren’t part of the leadership team still get involved with volunteering at events so nobody misses out.”

The school have also created a hashtag, #raisethebarr, to make it easy to find their achievements on social media.