SKODA’S first purpose-built electric vehicle is a large SUV that offers plenty of space for the family and a good electric range.

The Enyaq iV is also decent to drive and comes in three main flavours – 60, 80 and 80X.

There isn’t a huge difference in acceleration between the 60 and 80, which are both rear-wheel drive, with the 60 delivering 177bhp and the 80, tested here, putting out 201bhp.

The 80X has four-wheel drive for extra traction to get the 261bhp down on the road.

The 80, with its 82kWh battery, will get you from 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds, which feels quick enough. The acceleration is smooth and instant.

The Enyaq is one of the best-riding electric cars for the money, although can seem a little unsettled in certain circumstances.

Barrhead News: The Skoda Enyaq iV

The 80 version has the edge in terms of battery range and can achieve an official 333 miles on a full charge, which is very impressive.

It also has steering-wheel-mounted paddles so you can manually adjust the level of regenerative braking on the move between three different levels of recuperation.

The 60 and 80 charge at a maximum rate of 120 and 125kW respectively.

Rapid charging speeds mean up to 80 per cent charge is possible in about 38 minutes. Otherwise, it takes about 12 hours from empty on a 7.4kW wallbox.

There are zero carbon emissions, which means good tax savings for the business driver, along with low road tax bills.

My test car came in Ecosuite trim, which gets you a sustainably-sourced, naturally treated, brown leather interior.

Indeed, the matching brown leather across the dashboard, seats and door inlays gives the cabin a feeling of uniformity.

The interior is clutter-free and well laid-out.

Barrhead News: The Skoda Enyaq iV

Most materials, including the steering wheel, are soft to the touch,while a nicely positioned arm rest adds to comfort levels on long journeys.

The large central touch screen is a dominant feature on the dash and allows you to control features such as the satnav, phone connectivity, climate control and the radio. It can lag a bit on occasions, but it offers crystal clear graphics.

Another function on the screen allows you to look at the car’s charging status and real time energy usage,which helps the driver preserve battery charge.

If you look hard enough, there are still some grey scratchy plastics to be found at lower levels in the cabin, but these are well hidden and tucked away beneath a range of plush materials.

Ecosuite trim level brings with it lots of tech as standard.

There’s loads of space up front and plenty of seat adjustment for the driver, while two adults will fit comfortably in the back - three at a push. The boot is a decent size and can take 585 litres of kit,

In terms of appearance, you wouldn’t know it’s a bespoke electric car just from looking at it.

There’s a huge front grille. even though you don’t need a grille in an electric car, and the grille is flanked by slim headlights.

Sharp and clean creases make the bonnet and side panels look attractive, while the rear has an extended spoiler and smart angular tail lights.

The finishing touch comes in the form of the smartly-styled alloys, which have a two-tone effect and look quite superb.

Barrhead News: The Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda has a strong reputation for producing family-friendly cars that are more affordable than many rivals.

In that light, it’s fitting that the its first ground-up electric vehicle offering a large, practical SUV. In terms of its overall qualities, the Enyaq iV is certainly an excellent all-rounder.

ENYAQ iV 80 Eco-suite

PRICE: £42,900

ENGINE: 201bhp electric motor

TRANSMISSION: Rear wheel drive via single speed transmission

MAX SPEED: 99 mph

0-62MPH: 8.7 secs

RANGE: 333 miles

WARRANTY: 3yrs/60,000 miles