A COMMUNITY project in Barrhead is reminding residents they are there to help those struggling to feed themselves and their families amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Dunterlie Foodshare, based at the Dunterlie Resource Centre, works weekly to offer lower income people extra food at no extra cost.

The non-profit receives regular deliveries of good quality surplus food from across the food industry from redistribution charity FareShare, which it is a member of.

This, along with support from shops, supermarkets, businesses, organisations and the public, has allowed the foodshare to provide thousands of meals since it started in May 2019, following a successful pilot.

The service operates on a first-come-first-served basis and offers bags containing a varied selection of food items, along with separate fruit and veg bags.

Rena McGuire BEM, head volunteer and founder of the foodshare, told the Barrhead News: “You’d be surprised at some of the food in the bags. It’s all good stuff.

“It depends what turns up on the day, but we get a lot of chicken and we get a lot of butcher meat as well - mince, meatballs and steak sometimes. We’ll also try to accommodate vegans or vegetarians.”

Thanks to its committed 11 volunteers, the foodshare has been on every week since it reopened in October 2020 after lockdown.

Demand for the service fluctuates, but on a weekly basis, as many as 60 bags are given out, with each recipient taking home enough to cover three meals.

“You’ll probably find a lot of people because it’s Dunterlie and we’re not on the main street, they just don’t know about it, but we would like to see new people coming along on a weekly basis,” added Rena.

Rena added: “The more the better for us. It doesn’t matter if you turn up every week, you won’t be turned away.”

The support, however, is not just limited to food items.

Money Advice came along recently to talk to people about their energy bills and Rena hopes to regularly bring in more agencies, including Victim Support and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

“People don’t need to bring ID or anything as long as they live in the G78 postcode area they are quite welcome,” she explained.“There are no barriers. You can be working or unemployed.

“There is also no reason to be apprehensive. People sign in and go and get themselves a tea or coffee and sit down.

“We don’t shout the first bag number for ten minutes, so if there is an agency in they can go around and speak to people to see if there is anybody who needs help.”

The foodshare is open every Friday from 11.30am to 12.30pm, including bank holidays.

Message Rena on Facebook for more information.