There have been more than 200 reports of a mysterious “fireball” crossing sky over Scotland and Northern Ireland last night.

Many have taken to social media overnight to share their reports of the occurrence and debate exactly what they had witnessed.

In one amazing video shared with our sister title the Glasgow Times, college students Conan Wood from Lossiemouth and Neil Morrison from Oban managed to catch a near-perfect view of the strange event

The pair found themselves 'bored of the hotel' while visiting Glasgow as part of their studies and decided to take a walk around the city's gothic Necropolis.

In an incredible case of 'right place, right time' one of the men happened to be recording just as the 'fireball' passed over the city.

The footage shows a bright light travelling through the clouds at speed with the cameraman stating: "That's a meteor or something."

Another video shared on Twitter appears to show the same 'fireball' flying over rooftops in Motherwell at the same time.


In response to the incident, the UK Meteor Network says it began receiving reports of a 'fireball' spotted about 9pm on Thursday.

The network later said it was “investigating to ascertain what the object was, meteor or space debris”, adding that most reports had come from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Tell us, did you see it?