Barrhead motorists are being driven round the bend after one side of a busy road was resurfaced, while the other was left untouched.

Grahamston Road, which links Barrhead with Paisley, underwent resurfacing work at the end of July.

However, while Renfrewshire Council paid for repairs to the side of the road that is within its boundary, no work was carried out on the other lane, which East Renfrewshire Council is responsible for.

West Scotland MSP Paul O’Kane, whose remit includes both Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, is among those demanding answers.

He is writing to officers at both councils to ask why they didn’t collaborate so that repairs could be carried out on both lanes at the same time.

Mr O’Kane told the Barrhead News: “There has to be collaboration when you get to cross-boundary areas.

“You will probably get a better result and save people money.

“The councils need to sort this out.

“I know there is a willingness from East Renfrewshire to do that and Renfrewshire should come to the table as well.”

It took a week to carry out the repairs to one lane of Grahamston Road, between Barrhead Fire Station and the Cross Stobs Inn.

Labour man Mr O’Kane, who is a former East Renfrewshire councillor and lives in Neilston, added: “People cross freely between the two areas every day.

“They don’t understand why there was an abrupt stop to work on one side of the boundary.

“I will be writing to both councils to get a better understanding of why this happened and what we can do about it.

“There are definitely lessons to be learned here.”

One resident in the Grahamston Road area said it is “ridiculous” that East Renfrewshire Council now faces having to pay for a separate team of contractors to get its side of the two-lane carriageway fixed.

“Surely the two councils could have sorted this between them before now and saved a lot of money,” added the resident, who asked not to be named.

“My worry is that this is happening elsewhere and costing the public a fortune.”

East Renfrewshire Council has said it wasn’t told about repairs being carried out on Grahamston Road by its neighbouring council.

A spokesperson added: “Unfortunately, we were not given advance notice of these works but we plan to inspect Grahamston Road to check for any defects that warrant a repair as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Renfrewshire Council has suggested there could be collaboration between the two local authorities should a similar situation arise in future.

A spokesperson said: “We have resurfaced Grahamston Road as part of our record investment in Renfrewshire’s roads network but the responsibility for the section across the boundary would fall to East Renfrewshire Council.

“We are happy to work with them in future to carry out joint road repairs should they be in a position to do so.”