Throughout my years of reviewing cars, my 10-year-old son has rarely offered an opinion - but he suddenly piped up to express his approval of this one.

It seems that the comfort and space in the back of the Volvo V90 Cross Country were very much to his liking - and a similar level of refinement up front was to mine.

There’s certainly plenty to admire about the Cross Country. It quiet, smooth, rides well and gets up to speed swiftly with the minimum of fuss. Those attributes mean it’s well-suited to long distance journeys.

With its raised ride height and some more rugged features, the Cross Country aims to bridge the gap between a traditional estate car and an SUV.

Roof rails along with some beefy black trim around the wheel arches are a nod to the crossover market, although the overall silhouette of the car holds out plenty of hope for estate fans.

A central design flourish comes in the form of the imposing black grille, which features subtle chrome highlights. Skid plates front and rear offer some protection for essential components if the terrain gets tricky.

Barrhead News: The Volvo V90 Cross Country on test in Yorkshire

The car’s 2.0-litre petrol engine strikes a reasonable balance between economy and performance.

If you push this B5 all-wheel-drive version hard, it’ll take you from a standing start to 62mph in 7.4 seconds, doing so in an unflustered and smooth manner.

If you choose to take a more relaxed driving approach, it can return fuel economy in the region of 30mpg (33.2 to 36.2 on combined WLTP scale).

It’s noticeable how the 250hp engine pulls well from low revs. With maximum torque of 350Nm and the AWD system, it’s a vehicle that feels sure-footed and unfazed by most situations.

A smooth automatic gearbox works well with the engine, kicking down quickly when necessary.

On the motorway, the effectiveness of the adaptive cruise control system, working in tandem with lane keep assistance, leaves you with the feeling that you’re not doing a whole heck of a lot of actual ‘driving’ in the old sense of the word, more holding the wheel and keeping an eye out for unexpected obstacles.

Of course, that assistance all helps when it comes to staying fresh on a longer journey.

In terms of the interior, high quality materials are to be found , with Volvo’s distinctive Scandinavian style evident throughout.

Barrhead News: The Volvo V90 Cross Country on test in Yorkshire

Smart textured silver detailing features prominently on the dash, which has an eye-catching angular shape.

The nicely-integrated nine-inch touchscreen, located within a large central console, is vertically oriented sports crystal clear graphics and is intuitive to use.

Meanwhile, the information on the 12.3-inch digital dash display is easy to read.

The car boasts full connectivity allowing passengers to browse the internet.

Comfort seats come upholstered in Fine Nappa leather with Cross Country stitching, and are sumptuous. There’s a good range of adjustment, allowing you to find the ideal driving position.

Space is such that four tall adults will have plenty of room, while there’s also 560 litres of boot space to go at.

Barrhead News: The Cross Country on test

Safety remains a top priority for Volvo, so the vehicle comes equipped with a raft of safety systems, including ‘Run-off Road Protection’ - which automatically tightens the front seatbelts should the car inadvertently leave the road. Clearly, you hope that one never needs to be used, but it’s there should you need it!

In conclusion, the V90 Cross Country is a premium all-wheel-drive crossover that’s ideal for people who prefer the driving dynamics of a luxury estate but also want the practicality of an SUV.

Volvo V90 B5 Cross County

ENGINE: 2-litre petrol 250bhp

PRICE: £53,560 on the road

ECONOMY: 33.2-36.2mpg and emissions of 177-193g/km

TRANSMISSION: Auto, all wheel drive

PERFORMANCE: 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds, top speed 112mph